Yoga Therapy Training

350 hours Professional Training to Kundalini Yoga Therapist.

Hybrid Training – You can join the training at Värmdö Yogacenter in Stockholm / Sweden or via ZOOM from your own home.

Next training: January 7, 2022

Yoga Therapy Training 2022-2023

Goals of Professional Training Kundalini Yoga Therapy

The professional training is designed as a basic training for yoga therapists. The goal is to equip people with the necessary means to use Kundalini Yoga therapeutically. The approach of the training is based on the knowledge that all individuals carry within themselves the resources and means to become healthy and creative human beings. Through attentiveness and respect, yoga therapy creates the necessary conditions for the healing and growth of body, mind and soul.

We consider therapeutic Kundalini Yoga to be both, a preventative and a therapeutic measure. The training will focus as much on psychological as on physical aspects of healing. We teach our trainees to evaluate the specific needs of each client and to design a yoga therapy program to meet those needs. Another component of the training is the development of skills for the therapeutic work with groups who share a common topic or diagnosis.

Kundaliniyoga has a rich treasure chest of knowledge and healing methods – we will pass these on as practical tools and explore their therapeutic efficacy. A central focus is to penetrate the knowledge-base of kriyas and meditation to convey a more in-depth understanding of their subtle effects. Yoga therapy is an ideal answer to the complex challenges of our time.

The training will enable the trainees to work with yoga therapeutically, in individual and / or groups settings. All yoga teachers will benefit from a deepening of their yogic knowledge and their consultation skills, allowing for more differentiated and knowledgeable teaching.

Course Content

Module 1 – Consultation expertise and therapeutic communication
Consultation and evaluation settings present complex processes that cannot be satisfactorily resolved using established formulaic approaches. They require flexible, process-orientated communication skills, which will be presented and practiced in this module. This module includes: basic therapeutic skills, conversational skills, therapeutic stance, handling difficult conversational situations, limitations and opportunities of yoga therapy.

Module 2 – Awaking the body’s potential
In Yoga, healing means re-establishing, strengthening and harmonizing the connection of body, mind and soul. The focus of this module is to understand this connection and to facilitate and support the healing process through the use of Kundalini Yoga. By this means, clients with specific concerns or with physical limitations can be treated with higher levels of competence and with more options. In addition, this module will build on and deepen existing knowledge about asana alignment and the major body systems with a particular focus on how to employ these in a practical and relevant way.

Module 3 – Mental health and solution focused strategies
This part of the training will focus on how to successfully cope with and overcome times of crises and transition. In this context, Kundalini Yoga’s specific knowledge of pranayama and meditation comes to the foreground. We will address the following topics: Moving from fear and depression to trust and balance; burn-out and stress management; addiction: from searching to finding; relaxation and meditation: experiencing and applying our limitless potential.

Training Overview 2022-2023

SW = Short Weekend (Friday 17 pm – 20 pm, Saturday 5.30 am – 18 pm, Sunday 5.30 am – 15 pm)
LW = Long Weekend (Friday 9.30 am – 21 pm, Saturday 5.30 am – 21 pm, Sunday 5.30 am – 15 pm)
RETREAT (Thursday Arrival, Friday 5.30 am – 21 pm, Saturday 5.30 am – 21 pm, Sunday 5.30 am – 15 pm)

MODULE 1 – Consultation expertise and therapeutic communication
January, 7-9 (SW): Introduction Yoga Therapy; Therapeutic attitude, Counseling skills, Anamnesis
February, 4-6 (SW): Important Therapeutic tools; Self Sensory System and Hidden Self
March, 24-27 (RETREAT): Relational competence in the therapeutic context

MODULE 2 – Awakening the body’s potential
April, 29 – May, 1 (SW): Moving System I
June, 3-5 (SW): Faszio (Fascia)
September, 16-18 (SW): Moving System II
October, 27-30 (RETREAT): – Immunology, Nutrition

MODULE 3 – Mental health and solution focused strategies
December, 2-4 (SW): Pranayama
January, 13-15 (LW): Depression
February, 10-12 (SW): Free from Addiction
March, 24-26 (SW): Crisis, Trauma and Neuroregeneration

Exam Weekend
May, 26-28 (SW): 90% presence is required to make the exam

Required experience

The training is designed for

  • Yoga teachers who want to employing yoga skills therapeutically
  • Yoga teachers who want to work with people in medical facilities using yoga therapy
  • Therapists, body workers and doctors who are looking for a holistic treatment approach for their clients

Required experience

  • KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga teachers
  • Certified Yoga teachers from other traditions (minimum 200 h teacher training)
  • Therapists, body workers and doctors with at least 3 years of Kundalini Yoga experience and practice


“The 3HO Yoga Therapy Training was a wonderful and enriching experience that got me to dive deep in the healing tools that Kundalini Yoga has to offer. I am an MD and was sceptical at first if my needs would get met, but the teachers had so much wisdom to offer, I got so rewarded! Go gift yourself and your clients with this learning journey!”
/ Dr. Theresa Schweizer

On my experiences of the teachings in Kundalini Yoga therapy (KYT)
“It was a far spread experience in Yoga and its use especially in an individual teaching and working with clients. So first thing, was to get clear about our role in being a therapist where you offer KYT techniques to the client . It is very respectful and touching ‘work’ when you feel like a companion and a guide for the client as you fill this role with trust in yourself, the client and your common process. Therefore we learnt precious tools about how to approach the client, how to use the res ources in the client’s situation and also to keep an inner distance as you are also in a process of learning, guiding and trusting. We covered various fields within three modules, e.g. ‘Therapeutic attitude’, ‘Competence in counselling & relationship’,’The body systems’ (esp. the muscular- skeletal part), ‘Nutrition’, ‘Immunology ‘. We applied the techniques of Kundalini Yoga in all various aspects such as the positions of the kriyas, the mantra singing and meditations. We build up and strengthened the relationship with the self sensory system and, which was very helpful, the inner discipline of doing our own sadhana and relying on the tools we learnt in the courses and in our learning groups for KYT. So we entered the vast fields of diseases  where we can apply KYT in our western world, for example in physical impairments (muscular weakness, back pain), imbalances in our  hormone systems (the connection of our ‘glands’ with the central nervous system) and especially the diseases of the Aquarian Age as depressive disorders, addictions and managing of (life) crisis. As a whole, there was a vast range of personal learning as we all brought in our intimate ‘patterns’ and using KYT techniques on ourselves. This was one of the most striking experiences. We grew together as a group of Kundalini teachers and therapists feeling strongly thankful for our competent and patient teachers in the courses and for the Golden chain. It was an excellent time for personal growth in gaining self-confidence, deepening our own Kundalini Yoga experiences and passing them on to the clients in confidence and devotion.”
Sat Nam, Ramona. 12-03-2019


Including 25% moms (VAT)

9 training weekends and 2 retreats in 3 modules. One exam weekend (optional, required if you want to be certified). All modules can also be booked individually. You can catch up any missed weekends in the next training.

Total Training: 33 500 SEK

This amount consists of:
Registration fee: 3 500 SEK, paid at registration
Tuition fee: 30 000 SEK, due 4 weeks before the beginning of the training

Module Payment: 12 300 SEK / module

Installment for the total training is possible (not for single modules) – please contact us for more information.

Additional costs

Retreats Module 1, weekend 3+4 and Module 2, weekend 4. Location 2-3 hours from Stockholm.

Accomodation and Food during retreats: Price will be announced later.

Exam weekend: 1 950 SEK


Värmdö Yogacenter
Odelbergsväg 9 A
134 40 Gustavsberg
Phone: +46 700 059515 (leave a message or text)

Helene Fernström


If needed, during training weekends.

Hotel Blå Blom, next to Värmdö Yogacenter, discount on their regular prices. Contact us for more information.

Possible to stay at Värmdö Yogacenter to a low cost.


To register you need to fill in our application form and send it to our coordinator