Trainer for Yoga and Fascia | Trainer for Yogatherapy | Yoga Therapist

”For more than 10 years I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga with great joy and passion with a focus on fascial tissue. In addition, during this time, the accompanying individual work has emerged as one of my main focuses. It fascinates and touches me deeply, how even a small impulse in the posture or in the breath, can change the condition of us people. ”A little goes a long way”! It is a great concern for me to recognize movement patterns with an individual view and to expand spaces within us to prepare the ground for change. With great interest I also explore and practice the field of trauma-sensitive yoga together with clients.

The fact that I myself have experienced physical as well as nervous challenges in the course of my life helps me a lot when working with people to find out what could support and strengthen them on their way.

I am grateful and enthusiastic at the same time that I can incorporate different aspects and perspectives of conscious movement in the professional training of yoga therapy, in order to listen to our body with its movement patterns and our entire being and learn to understand it bit by bit more.

More than ever, yoga is for me personally an inexhaustible source of strengthening and inspiration for stability, development and spiritual growth. It nourishes the confidence in our own power, our abilities and makes us strong. Wahe Guru!”