About Yoga Therapy

Kundalini Yoga in one-to-one sessions or groups for healing of cronic disease and different health conditions.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is the ideal answer to the complex challenges of our time.

Yoga Therapy utilizes the principles and practice of Kundalini Yoga in one-on-one therapy sessions or in therapeutic work with groups that share a common theme or diagnosis.

Yoga therapy is always based on the individual’s specific and unique needs. We focus on promoting good health and preventing disease by taking into account the client’s physical, mental and emotional health. Yoga therapy is individually and therapeutically designed to dissolve blockages, support the body in the process of self-healing and to get in touch with its highest potential.

The basic attitude in working with Yoga Therapy is shaped by the knowledge that every person has all the resources within them, to develop as a healthy, creative personality.

With mindfulness and respect, we create conditions in which body, soul and consciousness can heal and grow equally.

We understand the therapeutic application of Kundalini Yoga both preventively and therapeutically.


To register you need to fill in our application form and send it to our coordinator helene@varmdoyogacenter.se.