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Kundalini Yoga Therapy

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Starting January 7, 2022

”I am very grateful to all the yoga students I was allowed to support for brief or extended periods of time over the past 17 years of my yoga therapeutic work, who again made me see the diversity and treasures of Kundalini Yoga. I am very happy that we are able to impart and share our experiences through the Professional Yoga Therapy training. Through this we lay the foundation for a wonderful holistic method that can be an important support and a path for healing and clarity for people in the coming years.”

~ Karta Purkh Singh ~

Yoga for Self-Healing

Yoga Therapy is always based on the individual’s specific and unique needs. Yoga Therapy is individually and therapeutically designed to dissolve blockages, support the body in the process of self-healing and to get in touch with its highest potential.

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